Episode 3: Zizzer Zoof Seeds and Product Market Fit

Episode 3

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In this third episode, Karl and Danielle discuss what is going wrong with Zizzer Zoof seeds in Dr. Seuss’ Vale of Va Vode. Product market fit is elusive to achieve and isn’t guaranteed to stay once you obtain it! But before you even get to product market fit, you need to make sure that you at least have problem solution fit. Have a listen as we discuss this difficult issue. There are no silver bullets here, just a lot of food for thought and cake for dessert!

Key Points

00:00Introduction 00:53Episode Introduction 01:07Dr. Seuss and Zizzer Zoof Seeds 02:15Product Market Fit in the Vale of Va Vode 05:12Exhausting Your Defined Markets 06:45The Relationship Between Product and Sales 10:12How Do You Find Your Markets? 16:21Product Management Reaches Many Areas of a Business 17:42Problem Solution Fit Versus Product Market Fit 21:50Must Haves and Delighters 27:58Cake 29:55What Happens When You Try to Solve All the Problems? 30:31How Cool Features Can Bloat Your Roadmap and the Danger of Being a Feature Factory 34:00Hiring Product Managers for the Wrong Things 35:41Outro

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Realise that there is no silver bullet for product market fit, nor is there a guarantee that once you have it, you’ll keep it. Think about where your product fits your market well and then think about he problems your market has that you may not solve well yet. Focus there and see how much you can build for growth. Also note that changing direction is not always easy and so you can expect to get push back, even if a change in direction is exactly what’s needed.


“From a product perspective, really having empathy for the problem, understanding the problem to such a depth means that you should really not be falling in love with the solution you provide, but instead, understanding the problem.”

Danielle Kirkwood

“Product Market Fit is a buzzword that describes that point in time (you can lose it when you have it) where you have a product that fits a market really world and is selling like crazy, because it has found it’s people and it is solving that problem and that’s rolling. That’s a great state to be in!”

Karl Abbott

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