Episode 3: Customer Success Helps Focus Product Direction

Episode 3

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In this episode of “Productly Speaking”, we discuss how customer success teams can help a company understand customer needs and how these match the reality of a company’s products. We also discuss working to determine what the jobs to be done for a customer are and then how to address those as a whole company. We are joined by Amy Taylor Mitchell and Trevor Mishler, who are both customer success executives and together lead Real Success International. 

Guest Bios

Amy Taylor Mitchell is a highly experienced SaaS executive and customer success thought leader with 15 years in the IT industry and 25 years of leadership experience. Amy serves as the CEO of Real Success International and was previously the Director of Customer Success Americas at Juniper Networks. Amy is passionate about the customer experience and continous learning.

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Trevor Mishler is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience in engineering, technology, financial services, sales, and military environments. He is the Chief Customer Officer at Real Success International and was previously the Director of Global Support at Element and before that a Senior Manager at Red Hat. Trevor is passionate about the customer experience and leadership.

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Key Points

00:00Intro 01:01Episode Introduction 02:04How Amy became a customer success executive 03:39How Trevor became a customer success executive 04:04Startups and the pain points that customer success can address 05:08How customer success can help in the early stages 06:30Exploring why customers churn 07:07Figuring out what the tables stakes for a product are 08:35Working with sales on table stakes 11:09The importance of customer education and how to do it early on 12:10Getting the right customer early on 13:31Where to invest resources in a seed or pre-seed company 15:40Jobs to be done 18:26Organizational Silos 19:55Understanding the real value of your product 21:35How customer success can help address the jobs to be done 25:32The Final Question 27:32Episode Wrap Up 29:40Outro

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“It’s important to really be a listener and people need to be comfortable telling you what they think and telling you where their pain points are and giving you the feedback you need to improve the product and make it a revenue producer for the company.”

Trevor Mishler

“I think it’s important, not only inside the company, but also externally, to have a speak up culture. Your customers should feel a degree of comfort with telling you what really needs to be improved on your product. It’s either your employees who will tell you, your customers who will tell you, or Reddit! I would definitely rather have one of those first two options.”

Amy Taylor Mitchell

“I think it’s so important to have somebody who’s very experienced with the customer service landscape, particularly for your very high level, high dollar customers that have complicated environments to be able to see things so that you’re not surprised.”

Amy Taylor Mitchell

“Happiness is not having everything you want, it’s wanting everything you have.”

Trevor Mishler

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